Russian animation 1990s-present

The Primaeval Father (sic) (Первобытный папа)
A short film by Vladimir Danilov (school-studio Shar). Rough force often prevails over reason.




E.T.A. Hoffmann was always one of the most beloved German writers in Russia. We already wrote about the animated version of Nutcracker (1973). Tatyana Ilyina produced her full featured version of Nutcracker in 2004. Hoffmaniad (Гофманиада), the most recent stop-motion animated film with elements of computer animation, has been in the works since 2001. It will combine elements of several novels, including Little ZachesThe Golden Pot, and The Sandman. It features art and design of a prominent Russian-born artist, Mikhail Shemyakin. As of now, a 20-minute version is available (based on The Golden Pot). The quality of puppets and design is amazing. Fantasy and reality blend together, and the world of the protagonist, Hoffmann, who serves as a low-rank official, is more tragic and surreal than magical adventures he writes about. Unfortunately, no exact release date is given.

hoffmann4 hoffmann3 hoffmann2 hoffmann1


Directed by Stanislav Sokolov

Russian, no English subtitles

My Mother is an Airplane (Моя мама самолет) by Yulya Aronova

A delightful cartoon about different careers mothers have.


Aldar and the Grey Wolf by Rim Sharafutdinov

classical action-style animation about misfortunes of Aldar and his unlikely friend, Grey Wolf


12th Open Russian Festival of Animated Film took place in Suzdal this March. Here are some of the festival featured animation shorts

Goo Goo Babies by Alexei Alexeev (known for his “Log Jam” shorts)



Tough Joe by Anton Koroliuk



Green Teeth by Svetlana Adrianova

story about a lazy boy and scary school principal

Short film by a VGIK animation student Natalia Surinovich

A story about a ballerina striving to achieve perfection earned Suzdal Animation Festival 2011 Award.


Caution, the Doors Are Opening (Осторожно, двери открываются) is a beautiful stop-motion animation by Anastasiya Zhuravleva. One day of a busy subway featuring the most prominent buttons. No knowledge of Russian required to enjoy.