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Caution, the Doors Are Opening (Осторожно, двери открываются) is a beautiful stop-motion animation by Anastasiya Zhuravleva. One day of a busy subway featuring the most prominent buttons. No knowledge of Russian required to enjoy.

Another short example of Yellow Submarine-style Picasso-inspired animation.

Forgetful Giovanni (Рассеянный Джованни) by Anatoly Petrov and Valery Ugarov, 1986.

George Dunning’s Yellow Submarine influenced the Eastern European animators throughout 1970s.

A Box with Secret (Шкатулка с секретом), 1976 by Valery Ugarov

An adaptation of the 19th-century tale about a boy who wanted to learn how the music box works. The rock opera style soundtrack is composed by Vladimir Martynov.